Content Marketing 101


Content marketing

Most entrepreneurs know what it is and the benefits of using it.
However, not many actually know how to do content marketing effectively and gain the most for
their business.

You might have heard of people who actually tried doing it, possibly wrote hundreds of articles but
stopped when they felt the return was simply too slow or non-existent.

Here are the most common questions we get:
 How do I create content that my audience would like and share?
 How to create content that can rank in terms of SEO?
 What’s the fastest ROI can I expect from doing content marketing?
 How can I create content with less time? Can I pay someone to do it?

These questions will be addressed during the course, but first, I like you to understand the basics of
how to do content marketing.

How to Do Content Marketing

Many people get content marketing wrongly. They think content marketing is all about writing
articles. That is true to an extent, but content marketing is so much more.

When we talk about content marketing, we talk about creating content that people love.

Content can be in many different formats. Some content example formats are:

 Articles – (Articles are good because they contain keywords. Google ranks sites with keywords.)

 Videos – (Videos are increasingly popular because they have better engagement rates)

 Infographics – (Some business swear by this, and some do not. It’s really subjective to your

business type.)

 Photos / GIFs – Content such as GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) was pretty popular a few months ago.

 Podcasts – Podcasts are audio recordings which work great in some countries and not so much in others.

As you can see, there are many ways to create content. Writing article content is just one of the
many ways to do content marketing. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses, depending
on your business niche.

Here’s the good news.

No matter what you think you are (some people think they’re not creative enough), you can create
Seriously, anybody can create content. And it isn’t about writing a scholar level article with great
English. I’ve seen many simple written & created content that actually viral.

Here’s How to Create Great Content

I start with this simple framework whenever I sit down to create content. Most marketers will tell
you to think about creating ‘practical & valuable’ content. But it doesn’t stop there.

The other things to think about when creating content are:

1. Stories – People love stories. It could be an inbuilt human trait inside us, bred from the time
our parents read stories for us to go to sleep.

2. Triggers – How often did you see a piece of content online and went, wow, it’s speaking
about me, have to see it. Triggers are all about relatability.

3. Witty – People love sharing things that make them appear smarter and well-informed.
Remember #brexit and how so many people started sharing news related to it? Don’t be
surprised to find out most people don’t have a clue about what Brexit was a week before the
news came about.

Here’s What You Will Learn in The Course

There is so much more to content marketing than just knowing what to think about when creating

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course.

- Strategy to creating content for your business niche.
- How to create content like a pro with less time.
- How to generate ideas for content. Which content idea & type will potentially go viral?
- Including SEO as part of your content marketing efforts, thus killing two birds with a stone.
- Advanced keyword research for content marketing.
- 3 secret steps to promoting content and earning backlinks for your website.

Who Should Join This Course?

If you’re just beginning to get your hands on content marketing, this course is for you. This course is
also for you if:

- You’re a marketer and is doing content marketing for yourself or for a business.
- Individual who wants to be a marketer.
- Business owner who understands how important content marketing is.
- Entrepreneur & startups
- E-commerce site owner
- Affiliate marketer

What to bring?

Bring your laptop or tablet to try the tools and strategies during the course. Also, make sure to bring
a notebook to jot down ideas.

Thu Jul 14, 2016
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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@CAT, Level 3 Wisma Yeap Chor Ee
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